Here are the musical lineup for the day: (Exact order and schedule to be finalized):

11:45:   The Exceptions

1:00       LeCompt

2:10:      GoodMan Fiske

3:15:      The Blitz

4:30:      99 Reasons

5:45:      Juliano Brothers

***  Sound reinforcement provided by Walt Lion and Bob Bowling Audio ***

Here are a few last-minute notes about next week’s event.

-- Gates will open at 11 am. The Exceptions start the musical festivities at 11:45.

-- You MUST wear a mask in all of the “common areas” – as you enter/leave the facility, using the restrooms, and while purchasing food , drinks, or in the area for the silent auctions and raffles.

-- The event is completely sold out. There will be no tickets available at the door.

-- Speaking of tickets, make sure you have your ticket or receipt with you for entry.

-- You cannot bring any outside food or drink or coolers into the Flying W. There will be food and drinks available.

-- Bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on.

-- The food and bar areas and the silent auctions will accept bank/credit cards. The ticket raffles, t-shirt sales and “cornhole-in-one” contest are all cash only.

-- In addition to the music, there will also be two beach volleyball courts, horseshoes and cornhole available to play.

-- Please check out our Facebook page for any additional information that we will post between now and the event.

Please feel free to share this information. Again, thank you for helping us raise money to eliminate this horrible disease. We hope you enjoy the day!!

Your Questions Answered:

Q: Where can I get tickets?

A: Tickets are available at (use keyword “Atco”). Please check the “Atco Battles Alzheimer’s 6” Facebook page for any other ticket sale locations.

Q: I purchased tickets for the original date of the event? Are they still good?

A: Yes! Any ticket purchased for the original event -- whether they were purchased online or in person -- are still valid for the new date.

Q: Can I bring my own chair?

A: Yes! You can bring single-seat, fold-up, camp-style chairs and small pop-up tents. There will also be a limited number of chairs and tables available for seating.

Q: Can I reserve a table?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot reserve tables.

Q: Can I take pictures or video at the event?

A: Yes, you can! Feel free to post your pictures on our Facebook Page, “Atco Battles Alzheimer’s 6.”

Q: What’s this “cornhole in one” thing about?

A: It’s a new event this year. For $10, you get to toss 4 bags at a cornhole. For each bag you get in the hole, you receive one entry ticket. We will draw one of those tickets, and the lucky ticketholder will get one chance (no warmups) to toss the bag in the cornhole. If successful, they’ll win $10,000! (not a typo)

Q: Will food and drink be available for purchase?

A: Yes! There will be a full bar, pop-up bar and "drink tubs." There will also be various food options available.

Q: Do I need to bring cash?

A: Yes. The food and beverage stands will be able to process credit/debit cards, as will the silent auctions. The ticket raffles and cornhole event will be cash only.

Q: I’m a really cheap bastard, and I’m going to sneak my own alcohol into the event. Why is that a problem?

A: The liquor license that the Flying W holds strictly prohibits any alcohol being brought onto the premises. If you are caught with your own alcohol, you’ll be asked to leave, and no refund will be given. Don’t be so cheap.

Q: That’s a great lineup of bands, but I don’t want to see all of them. Will there be half-day tickets available?

A: No, sorry. Your ticket gets you admission to event, and a great day of music.

Q: Will there be children’s tickets available?

A: Tickets for children aged 12 and under are $15 as part of the early-bird discount. They'll be $20 after that.

Q: Is the event wheelchair-accessible?

A: Yes it is.

Q: That's a great lineup of bands! How'd you do it?

A: Each band generously donates their time and talents to help make the event a success. We're very fortunate that dozens of bands want to participate in this event, which is how we're able to stage such a fantastic event.

Q: What happens with the money raised?

A: All proceeds are donated to the Alzheimer's Association Delaware Valley Chapter. We are hoping to raise over $20,000 this year.

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